Shtof cock Polonsky ZHK

Shtof rare porcelain rooster production Polonsky ZHK 60s, height 26.5 cm. Without chips, cracks and restorations. Shtof (him. Stof — large glass, bowl) — a unit of measurement of the volume of liquid used in the territory of the Russian Empire before the introduction of the metric system of measures. It was used, as a rule, when measuring the amount of wine and vodka drinks. 1 bottle = 1/10 buckets = 10 glasses = 1,2299 liters. Currently, the Shtof is a beautiful souvenir bottle for vodka or other beverage.

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Полонский завод художественной керамики

Полонский завод художественной керамики

The Polonsky Artistic Ceramics Plant is one of the oldest in Ukraine, and its highly artistic products have received worldwide recognition.Among the 170 items of items produced by the plant, many unique things. Each figure or table set is a collectib... Read more...

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