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Shtof porcelain motherhood or tenderness Korosten 70h. Height 24.5 cm Without chips, cracks and restorations. Shtof (him. Stof — large glass, bowl) — a unit of measurement of the volume of liquid used in the territory of the Russian Empire before the introduction of the metric system of measures. It was used, as a rule, when measuring the amount of wine and vodka drinks. 1 bottle = 1/10 buckets = 10 glasses = 1,2299 liters. Currently, the Shtof is a beautiful souvenir bottle for vodka or other beverage.

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Коростенский фарфоровый завод

Коростенский фарфоровый завод

Korosten porcelain factory - one of the famous porcelain enterprises in Ukraine. The range of the plant is quite wide. These are various souvenir products, sculptures, ceremonial vases, trays and sets, dishes for everyday use.The history of the plant... Read more...

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