Коростенский фарфоровый завод

Коростенский фарфоровый завод

Korosten porcelain factory - one of the famous porcelain enterprises in Ukraine. The range of the plant is quite wide. These are various souvenir products, sculptures, ceremonial vases, trays and sets, dishes for everyday use.

The history of the plant begins in 1904. The artel for the production of porcelain was opened by Timofey Przhembylsky, a Pole by birth. The territory of the Veselovsky clay deposit was unusually convenient for the new enterprise. The quality of the extracted clay, the good location and the availability of free labor have attracted the attention of an enterprising Polish merchant.

The case was delivered very professionally, and the production gained momentum from year to year, outgrowing from the artel to the factory. If it were not for the revolution, after which the enterprise was nationalized and ceased to function, the plant could have reached a high level. Attempts to restore the work of the plant were made repeatedly in the 20s and 40s.

The beginning of the revival of the plant can be considered the post-war years, when its range of sculptures, dishes and souvenirs was greatly expanded, to which ceramic fireplaces and objects were added to them a little later.

The Soviet period is considered the most fruitful in the history of the plant. Together with the new mood after the war and the period of restoration of the country after the devastation, his team was updated. Talented craftsmen came to the factory, breathing life into traditional production. Among the famous names is the sculptor V. Yatsevich, the author of the animalistic series of works. These are the famous figures: a goat with a goat, a giraffe, a zebra, a roe. As well as spouses Tregubovs, known for their magnificent small plastic and decorative vases. Here are the most famous figures of Valentina Tregubova: “A Girl with a Mirror”, “Chastushki”, “Uzbek with a Tambourine”, “Carmen”, “Solokha”. The works differ in national color, expressiveness of images and brightness of colors.

Currently the company is closed.

Bear Olympic Korosten


Cat Fluff Korosten


Cock Korosten


Coffee set Flowers Korosten


Porcelain box Korosten


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